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Electronic House – 2015 Home of the Year
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Electronic House – 2015 Home of the Year
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Selecting the right electronic systems contractor for your home or commercial space can be a challenge. If you choose wrong, you will have an audio/video, entertainment or control system that is not easy to use – a consequence that will stay with you long after the installation is complete. A decade in this business has taught us that the following points should be considered when comparing companies:

We have experience working on virtually any type of project: from the simple TV installation in a high-rise condo to dedicated home theater rooms in multi-million dollar mansions, we’ve done it all. At Digital Living, we bring knowledge and experience that has been tested with great results time and time again. Let us use our combined years of know-how for your benefit.
As the old saying goes, “Penny-wise, Pound-Foolish.” A common mistake people make is assuming that the lowest price always equals the best value. That is rarely the case. We pride ourselves on delivering the best value for your money, and we back up this claim by providing an objective review of any competing bids, pointing out the differences so you know what you are really getting. Why spend your hard-earned money on a system that’s difficult to use or won’t do what you want it to do? At the same time, we always try to maintain a balance between your budget and your performance expectations, as our business depends on long-lasting and friendly relationships with our clients. Furthermore, at Digital Living, we stick to our word. Our proposals are accurate and thorough from the beginning. Too many audio-video installation companies entice you with an incomplete or unrealistic proposal at a low price to win your business, then proceed with many change orders later on that cost you considerably more than expected. We deliver on our budget!
Attention to Detail
Are you the type of person that can notice the difference between arctic white and snow white? If so, wouldn’t it be nice to work with someone that sees your vision and has the steadfast perfectionism to follow through on the details? If not, isn’t it better to hire someone that will track those things for you? When it comes to your space, whether you are building your dream home from scratch or renovating your basement, you deserve to have all the finer points of your project nipped and tucked with precision. At Digital Living, we always strive for a picture-perfect installation.
Easy to Use
The main goal of any of system we design or install, whether it is a whole house control system or just a TV in your family room, is ease of use. We want you, your family and your guests to be able to pick up a remote or walk over to a touchscreen and use it without any extensive training. We pride ourselves on designing home entertainment and business audio/video solutions that are easy and intuitive to use. While everyone on our team has a strong understanding of electronic systems technology and the corresponding techno-jargon, we understand that you don’t care about the individual components in your system – you care about what they can do for you. We always want you to feel 100% comfortable with your system, and since we program all of our systems in-house, you will always have a direct line the people that designed and implemented it.

While other companies might struggle in creating a highly functional, yet easy-to-use, integrated electronics system, our chief system designer (and owner) is a professional engineer with experience working for Fortune 500 companies. His years of education and experience translate into exceptional systems for our clients.
Project Management
We have excellent project managers on our staff, all of whom are very good at making sure the project specifications are followed to a tee. Additionally, because our areas of expertise encompass so many other trades, we are more than capable of monitoring all of the other tradespeople working on your project. We’re not the pointing-fingers type, but rest assured that if your project has more hiccups than it should, you won’t be the last to find out about it.
We understand that everyone’s situation is different. From scheduling needs to specific audio-visual requirements to choices affecting your decor, at Digital Living, we are always ready to bend over backwards for whatever you need. Many integration companies will try to force you a specific product, not because it’s what’s best for you, but because it is best for them. At Digital Living, we won’t try to push you into a pre-defined solution just because it suits us better.
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