Media rooms
Don’t have the space for a dedicated Home Theater room? At Digital Living, we have both the engineering know-how and the eye for interior design to create a superior custom audio-visual solution in virtually any space. Whether you simply want an HDTV mounted on the wall to transform any room into a virtual movie theater or anything in between, we can help. Imagine a Media Room with motorized piece of artwork sliding upwards to reveal a hidden flat-screen television or having a 100” motorized screen dropping down from a hidden trap door in your ceiling. Audiophile quality speakers can be discreetly positioned throughout your Media Room without detracting from the visual aesthetic while still producing larger-than- life surround sound. Let us design your Media Room to meet your eye for design and comfort without compromising on quality of sound and video.
dedicated theater rooms
A dedicated Home Theater will transport you into a cinematic experience with a life-size high definition image coupled with stunning surround sound. We have over ten years of experience designing and installing anything from a budget minded to an ultra-luxurious home theaters. We can create a Home Theater where your senses will be completely absorbed in the high definition picture and surround sound all while in the extreme comfort of a full leather motorized theater seat . Enjoy movies the way they were intended to be seen with a dedicated Home Theater.
Whole House Audio
Lift your spirits and put a bounce in your step by having your favorite music playing on your Whole House Audio system. Our Whole House Audio solutions give you easy access to your iTunes library, satellite radio or any other audio source in any room in your house. With our two-way media controllers, you can flip through your music collection, complete with album art and get instant feedback on what’s currently playing in every zone of audio in your. With our Whole House Audio system, anything is possible with one touch of a button..
multi-audio video
Have you ever started watching a show in the family room, gotten tired, and wanted to continue watching in bed? With our HD video distribution solution, you can pause what you’re watching in any room, and pick up where you left off in any other room. Why pay the cable company monthly fees for multiple boxes? We can implement a video distribution system that will allow you to experience entertainment from your Blu-Ray player, cable box, satellite receiver and internet media streamer anywhere in the house. Best of all, you can control all of your sources by simply using a single remote control, wall mounted keypad, touch panel or smart phone.
golf simulators
Play a round on one of the world’s greatest courses without leaving home. As a certified dealer of world class indoor golf simulators, we can help you work on your game all year long, while you use your own golf balls, shoes and clubs.
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