Trade Professionals
Working With Construction Professionals
Digital Living has years of experience working with architects, interior designers and general contractors to seamlessly integrate electronics into homes, offices, restaurants, bars, health clubs, and schools. We commonly hide electronics and audio-visual systems so they do not interfere with the décor, but still create an exciting experience for the end customer. With a specialized project management team, Digital Living proactively coordinates installation with many subcontractors for a more efficient installation with less change orders.
Trusted Partner
Your clients are becoming more knowledgeable about integration systems and technology, either through the internet or from friends and family. That knowledge, however, often creates more questions – questions that are directed towards you, with the expectation that you will have all the answers. Now is the opportunity to elevate the level of your expertise and service by working with a partner that will always “have your back,” helping you to research and address any requests your clients may have. And since we specialize in all fields of low voltage, instead of wasting your valuable time coordinating between a security company, telephone installer and a separate audio-visual company, Digital Living can provide all these services (and more) at once.

As an interior designer or general contractor, you have enough on your plate with all the other design and construction elements of a project. One might ask, why bother with low voltage altogether? With today’s educated consumers, you won’t have a choice.

Some professionals let their clients pick their own low voltage company without giving them input. Don’t leave something so important to chance. Working with a discount Joe Schmoe AV guy who has never handled a project like yours is like unleashing a box of bees in the building. Most of them might fly way, but a few mistakes made by the wrong individual will sting and you’ll be left fixing the damage.

Unlike all the other trades, we are self-sufficient. Instead of being another burden for you, we will work to reduce your efforts. We interface with the client to get the answers we need, all while keeping you in the loop. We schedule and manage for your benefit.

Our goal is to make your job easier while elevating the client’s experience when the project is complete. Instead of risking your time, money and reputation on companies that come and go, build a mutually beneficial partnership with Digital Living that will leave both you and your clients extremely satisfied with the finished product.
Managing the Details
When you give us instructions or make requests, we take those seriously. We have a detailed tracking system for information on each project so that everyone in our company is in the know. Not only do we follow through on our deadlines, but we get the job done right so you don’t have to worry about something being changed or fixed later. You shouldn’t ever have to hear your client say, “This was supposed to get done; why didn’t your guys do it correctly?” Working with Digital Living will prevent important details from slipping through the cracks.
Never Delay A Project
Our absolute #1 goal is to Never Delay A Project. That means a lot for general contractors who are scheduling dozens of trades and always under the gun to get a project completed. If we say that we will be there, we WILL be there. If we need to stay through the night to get the job done, we will pack a sandwich, a thermos of coffee and our flashlights.

What we don’t do is operate under the lazy, old school mentality of “It’ll get done when it gets done…” or “I’ll be there when I get there…” We don’t believe in empty promises or false hope. If we make a commitment, we stick with it.
Referral Program
This part is the most fun of all! Not only will you and your clients get great service from the beginning, but each of your referrals earns you free equipment and service for both you and your clients. We’ve been known to give away free speakers, receivers, keypads, or entire home theaters. Ask us for more details.
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