The Owner
Shireesh Reddy

Ever since I was kid, I have loved technology. My dad bought our first computer when I was 13, and I was hooked. Though, instead of playing video games like the other kids my age, I would write short programs to help the rest of my family to do what they needed because they didn't know how to use the computer. After I mastered the computer’s software, I turned my attention to the hardware, dismantling and upgrading my family’s and my neighbors’ PCs. I always sought to find ways to get the best performance while still saving money. For example, back then, with the right knowledge and motivation, you could double the storage of your floppy disks for just a few dollars. Amazingly, it’s those same interests, values and principles that would ultimately lead me to found Digital Living.

I graduated early from Kettering University on the Dean’s List (while simultaneously gaining almost 3 years of experience at General Motors) with a degree in Electrical Engineering. I continued working at GM as a Corvette Development Engineer for a few years, until my thirst for technology pushed to me leave the golden parachute. Moving to the Chicagoland area, I took a position integrating call center technology for large corporations, including TD Waterhouse, Schwabb and AAA insurance, wearing many hats as a software developer, project manager, technology designer, and team leader. After years of working for others and doing tasks that I did not enjoy, in 2001, I started Digital Living out of my cousin’s basement.

In the decade since, I’ve grown the company consistently year over year strictly from word of mouth. I believe strongly in building positive relationships with clients, employees, and vendors alike. Although it is difficult, we try please everyone, while always staying true to our tenets of Details, Performance, and Efficiency.

The Team

Each member of our staff goes through a rigorous training process to make sure they are suited for the highly demanding and skilled nature of our business. Those who make the cut are rewarded with benefits that provide an enjoyable and motivating work environment. The result is a loyalty and commitment from our staff that gives us a competitive advantage to others in our space. Digital Living’s approach of creating a positive and fun work environment benefits our clients in multiple ways; some of which are consistency of service, knowledgeable staff, and comfortable familiarity.

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