New Conscrution and Remodeling

The process of working with Digital Living can typically be sorted out into five phase: (1) Design/Development, (2) Pre-Wire, (3) Trim-Out, (4) Install, and (5) Training.

Our ultimate goal in any project is to create a space that reflects you. The Design & Development Phase begins with a proposal that includes a comprehensive System Design, which we will modify to meet a client’s specific needs and budget. We also work hand-in-hand with the other members of your development team, from designing spaces for recessed devices with the framer and builder, to training the electrician on installing intelligent lighting systems, to developing an automated climate control system with the HVAC technicians, and interfacing with your interior designer to decide fabric types and locations for motorized shades and touchscreen devices.

Once a finalized System Design is in place, we mark the walls & ceilings for the necessary devices, install the speaker back boxes & other rough-in boxes, and pull wire to all locations specified in the Pre-Wire Phase. Trim Out Phase begins after the drywall is installed, but prior to the final coat of paint. , Digital Living returns to fill all the holes with their intended devices and get the property ready for final inspection.

As soon as the final coat of paint is on, we’ll be back to install your projector, TVs, audio and automation equipment in the Install Phase. Finally, once an experienced member of our team fully certifies that everything meets the specifications set forth in the System Guide, we will thoroughly train you on the full use of your new Digital Living system. Worried that there will be too much information for you to digest all at once? No problem because at Digital Living, we can create custom training videos that are available to you to watch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Existing Construction

If you already have a space that you would like brought to life, our team can make something happen for you in just a matter of days. During the Design/Development phase, we create a vision that helps you imagine and understand the final solution so that there are no surprises. The following Pre-Wire, Trim Out, and Install phases then go at an accelerated pace because we are not waiting on others to drywall and paint. The final Training phase is then scheduled at your family’s convenience so that all necessary members can be involved.

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