Call the family to dinner. Page your daughter’s room to let her know a friend is on the line. Speak one-on-one with household members in other rooms. Even answer the door remotely – then let them in with the press of a button. Let Digital Living simply your life with easy-to-use, in-home communications.
Wireless Internet
With a comprehensive wireless internet solution from Digital Living, get the fastest possible access to the internet, no matter where you are in your house or on your property. You’ll never have to worry about losing your connection when you move with your laptop from your family room to your bedroom.
Wired Internet
As convenient as wireless internet may be for some applications, nothing is more reliable than having a comprehensive wired internet network. Increasingly, audio-video components and home automation systems connect to your home network and the Internet, and without careful design and network implementation, numerous reliability and performance problems can occur. With wired internet, get speeds up to 20 times as fast as wireless and the reliability that comes with it.
Phone Systems
Whether you have a commercial or residential phone system, get complete flexibility within your space with a phone system installed by Digital Living. Gain the ability to put callers on hold, move between rooms, and handle multiple phone lines, all from a single handset
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