What is Automation

Home Automation means your house intelligently serves you so that you are always comfortable and at peace. With Home Automation, rooms illuminate automatically when you enter and lights turn off when you leave. Window shades automatically close and lights self-adjust to control brightness levels. Imagine waking peacefully to the perfect light, giving you a perfect view of the sunrise, all while a fresh pot of coffee begins to brew in the kitchen. It's possible with Home Automation. With a single push of a button, Home Automation transforms your house into your sanctuary.

Lighting Control
Take back valuable wall space by eliminating unnecessary clutter. Elegant keypads take the place of long lines of unsightly toggle switches with Home Automation and Lighting Control. With our Lighting Control system, you can control anything from a single light to your entire house from one button. With Home Automation, a simple touch can quickly turn off all of the lights in your house or set the perfect party mood for entertaining. Save energy by dimming lights, managing shades, and creating custom schedules for your landscape lighting when you combine Lighting Control with Home Automation.

If part of your bedtime ritual involves going from room to room checking the lights, there is a better way. With Home Automation, simply reach for your touchscreen or smart phone and press the “Good Night” button. Instantly, your main lights will turn off while security and night lights turn on. Home Automation and Lighting Control by Digital Living will simplify your daily life.

Window Treatments
Effortlessly control natural light, save energy and increase privacy with motorized shades, drapes and blinds. Many homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their heating and cooling bills. Adding automatic blinds, motorized shades or motorized drapes integrated with Home Automation gives you the power to easily asily control your motorized shades to keep the sun out during hot summer days and to keep the heat in on cold winter nights.

To simplify operation, we tie your motorized blinds with our Home Automation sytem. We can program your shades to rise slowly over long period of time as the sun rises. Motorized windows shades are available in any style or color you choose, ranging from 1% to 5% open shades that allow light in while protecting your privacy to full black out shades.

Check out the video below to see how motorized blinds can simplify your life.

Climate Control
Ever tried to program a regular thermostat? It is even harder than setting the clock on your VCR. With a Climate Control system and Home Automation from Digital Living, the comfort of every room in your home can be easily scheduled from one touchscreen. All of your controls for heat, cool, fans, and fireplaces is at your fingertips both in and away from home with our Home Automation. Replace large unsightly thermostats with nearly invisible temperature sensors.

Leaving the house for a few hours or coming home from work early? With one button press, you can adjust all of the thermostats in your house with our Home Automation system. Save on energy bills by running separate programs for when you are home and when you are away, and track the history of interior and exterior temperatures. A Digital Living Climate Control integrated with Home Automation pays for itself over time with energy savings.
Monitor the status and history of every door, window, motion detector, and more with a Digital Living integrated Security System. Have you ever had someone outside your home waiting for you? Open the garage door and disarm the Security System from your smartphone while on your way back home.

Does your current Security System ramp up the lights when the alarm sounds? Does it flash the exterior lights to alert the neighbors? An integrated Security System by Digital Living adds this intelligence to better protect your investment and your family. You’ll always rest easy knowing your family and your home are well-protected.
Protect your home and your family by installing professional quality surveillance cameras around your property. Surveillance camera video can be routed through your televisions, or the Internet when combined with our Home Automation system.

The dials and switches used by many irrigation systems can be confusing and difficult to use. An Irrigation system integrated with Home Automation installed by Digital Living takes the guesswork out of watering your lawn and puts you in control with a simple, easy-to-read display. Conserve water by setting up personalized schedules, or give landscapers limited remote access to monitor the system and make adjustments.
Wouldn’t be cool if you could turn on the spa from the bedroom as you don your swimsuit? Conserve energy with scheduling of pumps, water features and lighting, and controlling automated covers. Also monitor pool health, received customized alerts and even control the system from your cell phone. In addition to all the pool automation features, when the landscape lighting is tied into our single, easy-to- use system, you will never have to go into the house soaking wet just to turn on the patio lights with Digital Living Home Automation.
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